The brewery

Jelling Brewery - Community and joy

Jelling Brewery is a well functioning share holding company for people that share the joy of being a part of the community surrounding beer.

The shares are public shares that make you a part of a brewery in the imperial town of Jelling. Share holders can buy the beer with a discount and participate in beer tastings and events. As a share holder you can be proud of being a part of a harmonious brewery with a good economic foundation.

We arrange a series of cozy events
The focus of the events is of course the beer but also the community with others who like you enjoy a well served beer to go with a nice conversation. At the events you can take part as a regular guest or you can give a helping hand with chores like serving the beer.

We brew all our beers from scratch ourselves and if you would like to witness how the beer is made you can contact us and make an appointment so you can see the procedures of the brewing at first hand. We brew our beer from the philosophy that good commodities and a passion for the craft make the great tasting beer.

Jelling Brewery - we have a beer for every liking.

Become a shareholder!

Only 2.500,- DKK

Buy a share and become part of a well functioning share holding company for people who share the joy of the community surrounding beer.

We are a local harmonious brewery with a good economic foundation.

We are able to assist in the resale of an existing share so you can be a part of the community surrounding the brewing process in Byens Café.

We also assist in the resale of existing company shares.
If you want to buy a share please contact the board of the brewery:




Management and Board of directors

Selected at the latest general assembly

Manager of Jelling Bryggeri A/S is:

Kim Schrøder

+45 20 66 18 91

The board of directors consists of the following members:

Henrik Løvschall (chairman of the board)

+45 61 61 53 82

Mona Munksgaard (vice chairman of the board)

+45 29 86 60 77

Benny Guldbrandt

+45 29 63 99 51

Jens Sandholt Verner

+45 28 95 83 82

Jesper Antoni Nicolaisen

+45 30 30 00 28

Preben Skou

+45 40 36 05 55

Uffe Holstener

+45 40 30 34 13

Jelling Bryggeri A/S

Jelling Brewery is one of the smallest breweries of the country with a capacity of
approximately 25.000 liters a year.
We don't count on making the cheapest of beers but the best one.